Oh Yeah Baby!

Oh Yeah Baby!

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If you enjoy making for the littles in your life, this membership is for you!

A monthly subscription 3 skeins of yarn & 2 patterns (1 knitting, 1 crochet). Discover new favorites and enjoy knitting or crocheting a new project every month! You will also receive at least two notions or accessories, coupon codes for upcoming classes, and access to our private Facebook stitch-along community to share your work in progress, ask questions, or share tips.

What's included?
Every month your crate will include 3 skeins of premium yarn brands, 1 knitting pattern, & 1 crochet pattern! Plus, enjoy bonus promo codes from our brand partners, 20% off reorders, and earn Yarn Geek Boutique Points to use towards your subscription or items on our shop! 

When will my membership ship?
Expect your squishy mail to ship by the 15th of each month. We'll get started on preparing your shipment as soon as you subscribe. When your order has shipped, we'll send the tracking information to your email each month! 

If I subscribe today, which monthly membership will I receive?
If you subscribe today you will receive the monthly themed crate for the current month. For example, if you join on the last day of March, you will receive the monthly themed shipment for the month of March. Please be advised that if you subscribe on the last day of the month your subscription will auto-renew the next day for the next month's shipment as it is the first of the month. Subscriptions auto-renew on the first of the month.