WIP Wednesday - Work

WIP Wednesday - Work

I have a question.  Has anyone else felt like their works in progress have become more work than progress?  I've found myself these past couple of weeks being unmotivated and uninspired by my current WIPs.  Two of the projects (the Monokrom Cardigan and Hopewell Rocks Tee) are quite large and seem daunting to me right now.  I feel like Sarah in the beginning of the Labyrinth, running down a straight path.  "It just keeps going on and on; there are no twists or turns or anything!"  I'm knitting on and on in a way that seems like forever on these two projects, and nothing seems to change.  I suppose I'm craving a project with a little more variety and adventure.

The situation I'm in got me thinking about what other makers do to get out of a project funk.  If I had to be honest, I usually just start another project, but I'm trying to be better at sticking with my commitments.  This is part of the reason why I joined a KAL for the Hopewell Rocks Tee.  Unfortunately, that didn't quite work as the due date has passed and I haven't even finished the front panel of the shirt.  My other dilemma is that I really do want to make these garments.  I was hoping to be able to wear the tee before the summer ends and I'm loving the feel of how the Urth yarn is knitting up.   

Well, desperate times call for desperate measures! 

A small bag with a black zipper at the top.  There are two knitting needles sticking out the top.  The fabric looks like a rainbow galaxy.

For my first trick, I've put the tee in a new project bag.  It's from Candy Skull Crafts who I found while looking for LGBTQIA makers to support during Pride month.  I suppose because the bag is new and pretty, I find myself reaching for it to take to my knitting spot.  While this little trick has gotten me to work a little bit more on the Hopewell Rocks Tee, I managed to mess up enough to require ripping back to my lifeline.  Oh well, at least I know the lifeline works.      

Two hand knitted socks still on the needles in a pastel colored yarn with pink, purple and yellow.  The sock on the right is on a foot a goes just above the heel.  The left sock is flat on the wood floor.

I then tried a little trick I would use on my patients when I was practicing physical therapy in home care.  I'd have a patient who was really frustrated think about the progress they have made.  Specifically, I would help them remember how they were doing when they first got home (they couldn't lift their legs into bed or needed help on steps).  Then I would point out the progress they made on those specific tasks in order to draw their negative attention away from the thing that was frustrating them.  In order to draw my negative attention away, I pulled out my second pair of Oasis socks and reminded myself of the progress I have made on that project.  Both heels are turned and I'm about to just knit the cuff until I run out of yarn (which is my plan).  I reminded myself that this is my third pair of socks this year, and that I only just discovered that I like knitting them.  I've found the method I like and have plans for the next pair...and the next. 

Now I need your help.  If you have any tips or tricks on how to get out of a crafting slump and get back to work on your projects, leave a comment.  I would also love to hear about what your working on or if you have a project that you are having a hard time motivating yourself to work on. Maybe one of my tips will help, or better yet, someone in the comments will help.   


  • Lynn J

    I haven’t been in many funks with my knitting; however, I keep 3-4 different projects going on so when I get stuck and feel bored or challenged, I will have another easier/mindless project so I know I can achieve some POSITIVE motion FORWARD. Little achievements help for a goal-oriented person like me to feel I’m creating and having satisfaction of a finished project. It has always helped me keep hungry for more. I think if we always have over-the-top major challenging projects on the needles without any other smaller or mindless projects, there can be more burn out moments. I’m not saying we don’t need complex and or challenging projects, I’m saying we need smaller goals to be met for, nothing else, peace of mind and rejuvenation.


    my toes up socks came to a screeching halt when I decided to clean out my office! I am looking forward to getting to the HEEL! I can’t wait.

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