A close up image of turquoise knitting on brown knitting needles and a pink stitch marker.  A stitch has been dropped a few rows down.

WIP Wednesday - Mistakes

It's another WIP Wednesday and I have a question for you; How do you feel when you make a mistake in your craft? 

Are you un-phased by it because you're confident in your ability to fix it?  Are you un-concerned and move on?  Do you panic and contemplate frogging the whole thing?  

A knitted robot with a magenta square head and body with blue stripes and a small blue rectangle at the base.

   Well, last WIP Wednesday I noticed a mistake in my  robot, K2D2 (Holly came  up with the name and I  love it).  The stripes on the body should have been at the bottom and the little blue rectangle should have been at the top.  I had sewn the head onto the wrong side. 

  To me, this was a mistake that needed to be fixed and luckily, it wasn't that hard.  However, I've recently discovered that most of my mistakes aren't that big of a deal and I leave them.  This lesson really stuck with me after making the Wingspan Shawl for my bestie.      


Making that shawl was one of the hardest things I've ever knit and also the piece that I am most proud of.  Many mistakes were made, but I was determined to keep going.  I did not let the small stuff stop me from finishing this project.  Now, when you look at this shawl, does that one row of linen stitch that I botched ruin it for you?  I was pretty upset about it at first and contemplated going back to fix it, but I had come so far (the blue is where the shawl is started).  

3 images of the knitted Wingspan Shawl in rainbow colors.

Once the shawl was done and gifted to my bestie, the tears in her eyes were all I needed to know that every mistake made would be overshadowed by the overall beauty of this piece.  I made thousands and thousands of perfect stitches, so a few mistakes weren't going to ruin the piece. 

I've been using this same mantra as I slowly work on my Hopewell Rocks Tee.  I see the mistakes at the bottom of this tee that I made when I first started.  I've been getting a good rhythm with the mesh pattern, but I refuse to start over just to fix a couple of rows.  I've been thinking about it this way; even if someone notices the mistakes, that means they would be staring at my lower belly for a really awkward amount of time to find them.  That's not going to happen.  

If you haven't already come to this conclusion yourself, I'm asking you to really step back and take a moment to think about how amazing you are at your craft and to not let a few mistakes ruin everything.  I'm not saying you can't try to fix a mistake, but don't let it overtake you and make you miserable.  

What's the quote?  "To err is human."  -Alexander Pope

We are human, so we are going to make mistakes.  I'm pretty sure the rest of the quote says "To forgive, Devine."  So if we forgive ourselves of any mistakes found along the way, we just might discover that we are the gods and goddesses of our craft and the world is fortunate to have our creations in it!




  • Mariah

    We definitely have to fix mistakes when it will significantly affect the outcome of a project, like the jumper fitting your nephew. Good luck with your project and with moving!

  • Hannah

    Often mistakes are only visible because you’ve been studying it or you know the pattern back to front and know it’s there. Most of the time I’ll wing it and just add a few stitches or take them away and hope the pattern hides a multitude lol. But yesterday, I had to be drastic – I’m not sure what happened but the shoudlers on the jumper I am making for my nephew were completely wrong. My mum looked at it and said I could probably get away with just frogging like 3 inches worth either side but when I got to that point I couldn’t figure out where I was in the pattern so it was easier to just undo the whole thing! Let’s hope I have time to finish it before I move house in October (it’s for my nephew’s birthday in December but I was hoping not to have to take it with me in the move as I’d then have to post it back which gets complicated!)

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