WIP Wednesday - Lifelines, pins and co-workers with claws

WIP Wednesday - Lifelines, pins and co-workers with claws

Happy WIP Wednesday everybody!  I hope you were able to spend some time with your crafts this week.  I managed to get a lot of work done on the Monokrom Cardigan with my pointy co-worker, Leo.  Does anyone else have co-workers with claws who love to help with your craft?  Fortunately for me, my cats do not go after my yarn, but this one has to touch it when I'm knitting.  He loves to touch yarn, and by touch I mean he sticks one claw out in an attempt to snag my work.  It's a fun game we play.    
A turtle shell cat is looking at the camera from the top of the image.  His arm is reaching down the right side of the image to touch the gray knitting that is on the left side of the image.

The Ready Knitter One KAL with Knitrino has officially started, and I've got another pair of socks on the needles.  You're not able to get the yarn from Lady Dye Yarns, but there are some great sock yarn options over at Yarn Geek Boutique.  There is still time to join the KAL, and let me tell you, I am having a lot of fun with it.  Because it is a digital pattern, the creators of Knitrino were able to sneak some Easter eggs in the pattern to mimic the book, Ready Player One.  They are doing such a fantastic job that, as I said on my Instagram, I don't even care if I win.  Just look at this scoreboard!!!

An image of a black scoreboard that says "Ready Knitter One" at the top.  There is a column for 'Player Name' , 'Score' and 'Gates'.  There is a list of names and scores below.  There is a white background and it says "The second key is now hidden!" at the top and "Complete the first challenge to unlock a hint!" below. There is a white back ground with the words 'Ready Player One!' at the top.  There are a pair of knitting needles with yellow, purple and pink yarn being knitted on the needles.  There is a wood stitch marker that says 'ready knitter one'.

The last project that got a little attention this week is my Hopewell Rocks Tee by Laura Chau. The pattern in the main body of the shirt is called a star mesh that I have no chance of fixing if I mess up, so I finally made the effort to put in a lifeline.  When I've done lifelines in the past, I was using an interchangeable needle set that had a little hole at the base of the cord, so I would thread some string through there and pull it through after I knit a row.  No such luck with these needles.  I realized that I have this smaller darning needle (that I probably stole from my mother, like the bigger one) and it worked perfectly.  Doing the lifeline this way was tedious, but I feel a little better that I won't have to rip the whole thing out if things get funky at some point.  If you haven't heard of a lifeline before, the idea is that you have a piece of thread through a row of stitches that you can rip back to if you make a mistake that you can't fix.  This is especially helpful when doing any kind of lace pattern.  After a few rows of work, you can move the lifeline up a bit so you're making progress.        

 There are three images in a collage.  The top left image has a red ball of thread in the top and two darning needles parallel to each other on the bottom.  The top right image is a close-up view of some gold brown yarn.  The bottom image is the same gold brown yarn knitted up with the read thread being sewn threw it's stitches as a lifeline.


Ok, it's not exactly a WIP, but I really need to take a moment to talk about pins.  I do love a good pin, and my collection started when I was going to gaming conventions with my friends.  It wasn't too long before I discovered that there are fiber related pins too! 

Here is a small sample of my pin collection on a project bag.  I do recommend a bag that has a way to cover the pin backs on the inside of the bag, like a pocket, so they don't snag your yarn.  That was a hard lesson learned for me.  If you love pins like me,  you're in luck!  Holly has a shop update and just look at these lovely pins!!!  I believe you get a free pin after you buy 5, and new ones will be in the shop each month!  Can you tell I'm excited? If you're not into pins, that's ok.  I just think it's important that you know the green ball of yarn on the local yarn shop pin spins.  

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