WIP Wednesday - Let's Talk About Socks

WIP Wednesday - Let's Talk About Socks

And maybe a few other things...


Welcome to our first WIP Wednesday! I have a lot of works in progress right now that I want to share with you, so let's get started!


Two at a Time Toe-Up Socks

Look Ma! I'm knitting socks! Can you tell I'm excited?

I'm using a fingering weight merino and nylon yarn by Farm Girl Fibers (now Raven Moon Dyeworks) in the Visible Spectrum colorway. This yarn was hanging out in my stash after I used some of it to make a dice bag years ago for my husband. I figured I would use it for these toe-up socks since I can just cast off the cuff when I'm about to run out of yarn, which is another reason why I'm really enjoying this method for sock knitting.

The thing is, I thought I hated knitting socks. My sister still has the first pair of socks I ever made (on double pointed needles) and she said the one is bigger than the other. I remember a gusset being involved and my hands hurting from the DPNs. I made one more pair of socks after that and decided I wasn't a sock knitter.

Years passed and memory faded into myth or whatever the line is, and I thought I'd like to try making another pair of socks, this time on circular needles.


A whiter person's hand is tucked into the tip of a knitted sock in the colors of the rainbow.

Well, there it was, a two at a time toe-up sock class right there on Yarn Geek Boutique. I suppose it was meant to be. The instructor, Mindy, has been guiding us through the Fish Lips Kiss Heel with some tremendous tips and tricks that has made this project a lot of fun. The Yarn Geek University has been a valuable tool as well, allowing me to go back and watch any videos I need as I move along the project between classes. Tonight is the last class where Mindy will show us some options for binding off and I already have plans for my next pair of socks.


Rainbow Cardigan

Next on my needles is the Rainbow Cardigan by Louise Bollanos. I'm using yarn from Wool and the Gang in their Alpachino Merino with merino and baby alpaca. This yarn is soft, squishy and knits up super fast due to it's bulky weight. This is my first commissioned piece and I'm super happy with how it's coming together. I had warned the recipient that it might be a while before she receives her cardigan, but I just might finish this baby before the end of the month.


Three images are lined up next to each other of a knitted garment being worn.  It looks like a vest in rainbow stripes, as there are no sleeves attached.  The first image in from the front, middle image from the side, and last image on the left is the back.
My son was kind enough to model

It's knitted in three separate panels that I mattress stitched together. I'm not a big fan of sewing (I'd rather knit things in the round), but I think it was good for me to improve my mattress stitch skills. The sleeves are on the needles now which I plan to do two at a time because, why not?


Solaris Wrap


A bright pink knitted garment with a happy little cloud with a rainbow tail stitch marker

I started this beautiful wrap last year with yarn that my son got me for Christmas. The yarn is La Jolla from Baah Yarn in the colorway Moroccan Nights. The pattern is by Andrea Cull and what's fun about it is that you can only get the pattern on the Knitrino app. This is an amazing (and free) tool for knitters and if you haven't heard about it, you should go check them out. You purchase the patterns through the app and it keeps your progress, which is such a blessings since there have been some stretches of time where I was not working on this project. If it weren't for the app, I'm sure I would have frogged this beauty by now because I would have lost my place or even lost the pattern. Oh! And I found the adorable little stitch marker at Dye Hard Yarns, where my husband found the yarn.


Musselburgh Hat

Ok, last WIP (for now). I'm sure there are a couple more that I didn't mention, but these are the projects I'm actively working on.

The Musselburgh Hat is by Ysolda and this is my mindless go to project that I keep with me for potential downtime knitting. The yarn is by A Hundred Ravens and is a lovely soft blend of merino, nylon and yak. The colorway is called Namorita and I am in love with it.

A knitted garment is being stretched out by a white hand.  The garment is in a jewel tone of turquoise.

The image just doesn't seem to do the color justice. I love this pattern because it has a pretty neat tube construction for a hat that folds in on itself to create a double layer. You start by casting on a few stitches for one end of the hat and then increase until you reach the right gauge for the size you're making. Then you just knit forever until you achieve the desired length and then decrease to close the tube. I love a good mindless knit and I foresee myself making this hat many times in different yarns.


Well, I think we survived our first WIP Wednesday. Now that you've suffered through me going on and on about my projects, I'd love to hear about some of the things you are a making. Please feel free to comment below or join us in the Yarn Geek Boutique Facebook group.





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