WIP Wednesday - Knit ALL The Things

WIP Wednesday - Knit ALL The Things

For my last WIP Wednesday post, I talked about my struggle with finding progress in my knitting and not being motived to work on certain projects.  Moving one project to a new bag helped a little, but I wasn't 100% back to my usual excitement.  I finally decided to stop thinking about what I "needed" to work on and asked myself what I wanted to knit; and just like that, the spell was broken. 

I realized that I really wanted to start something new and quick.  Well, say hello to Robbie the Radiant Robot.  Not sure we're going to name ours Robbie, but doesn't it look familiar (Yarn Geek robot)?  I'm using an Egyptian cotton yarn called Luxor and it's just perfect for this tiny toy.  The great thing about projects like these is that they knit up so quick and you don't have to worry about gauge or yarn weight.  I'm currently working on the arms while the head is waiting for the button eyes to be sewn on.  The pattern does recommend blocking the head and the body before seaming and stuffing in order to get a more square shape, so the body is still pinned to the blocking mat right now.  

As I mentioned above, I did put my struggle project in a bag to give myself a little more inspiration, and it did help a little.  The part that was very unhelpful was how many times I had to rip back to the lifeline.  The star mesh pattern in the Hopewell Rocks tee kept tripping me up and I would have the wrong number of stitches at the end.  Every time I ripped back, I thought it was going to be the last time I tried.  I don't know if it was determination or stubbornness, but I've managed to get through a few rounds without messing up.  Thank goodness for lifelines!  Leo has also insisted on helping me get through this rough patch by providing extra lap support.  

An image of a cat lying in a person's lap from the person's perspective  The cat is looking at the camera with half lidded eyes.  The person is holding a knitting project with gold colored yarn.

I continued my adventure into knitting whatever I wanted and pulled out my Solaris Shawl on Saturday while we sat around the firepit on the back porch and did some mindless knitting during a 4th of July cookout with my Musselburgh hat.  Now, my excitement to knit is back and I feel whole again.  Since I'm not forcing myself to work on one thing and I can freely knit on whatever suits my fancy at the time, I've been finding myself reaching for projects with glee.  Of course, this means things take me a bit longer to finish, but at least I'm enjoying myself.        


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