There is a magenta and blue knitted robot with the corresponding skeins of yarn on a wooden table.

WIP Wednesday - Focus

Happy WIP Wednesday Yarn Geeks!  How are everyone's projects going?  I hope your happy with the progress you've been making, but if you're not, check out my Mindful Monday post  on how I've been trying to find my focus.  I suggested working on projects that were close to being done, and that's exactly what I did. 

First on my list, socks. I'm embarrassed to admit that it was about 2 months ago that I wrote about getting to the leg/cuff of my Oasis socks, but there it is.  I hunkered down and focused solely (get it?) on those babies and managed to finish last week!  I'm truly pleased with the process of two at a time on the circulars, so I think I'll stick with that process from now on.  I do feel the need to cast on another pair of socks (I do have the yarn in mind), but I'm making myself wait until things in WIP world get under control. 

Now that the socks are done, the Yarn Geek Robot is getting some attention.  I'm using Luxor Natura, which is a beautiful cotton yarn that I'm enjoying.  I'm also in love with how this robot is the perfect match for the Yarn Geek logo; well done Holly!  We've got two arms done and two legs to go.  ***Update*** I am legit at this moment realizing that I put the head on the wrong side.  Stripes on the bottom, weird rectangle on top.  Now I'm uncomfortable thinking about where that little blue door is supposed to lead to.  Sigh.  

Well, mistake aside, I have to say that finishing a project did give me the boost I needed to feel more focused on my knitting projects.  My new strategy has also helped me take the decision stress out of what to work on next, so that's been nice.  And if you have any other suggestions on how to get your creative focus back, please comment below.  


  • Mariah Stanford

    Right?! I have to fix it…

  • Amy

    giggles at robot doors

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