WIP Wednesday: "Beave-a-long" KAL

WIP Wednesday: "Beave-a-long" KAL

My unspoken goal for 2021 has been to make more tops for myself.  As I am getting more comfortable with my skills and knowledge of garment construction, I realize that I have the power to make clothes for myself that are comfortable to me.  I now hold the power to make sure a top isn't too short and the sleeves aren't too tight (two problems I often struggle with when buying clothes).  Of course, it's getting warmer outside, so I decided to join a KAL and make a tee.  After that, I'll probably start working on a sweater for myself in hopes to wear it this winter. 

I discovered Magpie Fibers because they started a "Beave-a-long" KAL that just called to me.  All you have to do is make a piece using their beaver line of yarn ( I chose Eager Beaver) by June 18th.  My hope was that this deadline would challenge me to commit to a project and finish it in time so I can wear the thing before winter.  The facebook group has been lighthearted and silly with beaver puns, and so far I don't feel pressured or stressed out (but let's see how I feel on June 1st).  I should also mention that I graduated from Arcadia University in Glenside PA, which was formerly known as Beaver College. How could I not join?  

The pattern I picked is the Hopewell Rocks Tee by Laura Chau and it has this amazing star rib mesh pattern that honestly took me a few tries to master.  Just another reason why it's really important to do a gauge swatch.  I got most of my mistakes out of the way on gauge swatch number two and realized I needed some scalpel sharp needles to be successful.    

A bronze/gold yarn in a ball, a mesh gauge, and a seed stitch him are displayed on a white backdrop.

As I mentioned above, the yarn colorway is called Eager Beaver and  the bronzy/gold color is so beautiful.  This is Magpie's solo fingering weight in 100% superwash merino.  Because of my tendency to knit tightly, I went up a needle size to get gauge with sharp, medal needles.  I'm sure the blood will wash out in the end.  

A yellow knitted sock with black speckles is being displayed on a foot in the sunlight.

My other WIP has a heel!  Thanks to the Knitrino app, I was able to follow along easily with the instructions and video tutorials as needed.  I think I still like the Fish Lips Kiss heel, but I am proud of myself for learning another technique.

And PS, the Rainbow Cardigan is done!!! 


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