The Best Harvest that Urth has to Offer

The Best Harvest that Urth has to Offer

The story of the beautiful Harvest Yarn Harvest is more than just yarn. Coming into fruition of the beautiful intention, a joyful end to a beginning, and its next journey starts with you.

These earthy tones are brought to you by natural ingredients and local women's artisan hands in rural Southeast Turkey. Harvest is naturally hand-dyed using roots, fruits, and nuts. The colors produced are so rich and lovely.

Urth Yarn Company is paying tribute to this ancient art of dyeing yarns. The process of achieving color is a lengthy and labor-intensive process. Organic dyeing does not contain chemical dyeing; hence, perfect for next to skin garments. It is also a sustainable way to dye textiles while protecting the earth from chemical waste, resulting in acidic dyes.

The majority of Harvest's colors are PURE, meaning Urth derives the color from an actual organic substance like pomegranate, cosmic carrot, indigo, fig. While some colors meet your expectation, some colors turn out surprisingly different compared to their dyes. Although we show utmost care for consistency, dye lots are subject to slight variation as each Harvest is dependent on the weather.

There could be a season of more sun or rain, which makes it so fun each time.


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