An image of a cat, Leda, lounging in the center of the photo on a grey blanket and the sun shining in from the right.  There is a white pillow behind her on the right and a grey pill with white geometric designs.  Leda looks very regal.

Mindful Monday - You Are Valid

This week I want to tell you that you are valid.  Your feelings are valid.  The things you do are valid.  Even your craft is valid, especially if that craft brings you joy.

This thought has been on my mind these past few weeks as I've been mourning the death of my cat, Leda.  Her passing was very expected as she was diagnosed with cancer over a year ago and we had been doing everything we could to keep her comfortable. I thought I knew how I would handle her death, but it's funny how sometimes our feelings decide to try something different.  

Thankfully my friends and family were very supportive of how I felt and brought me comfort.  Even the other cat, Leo, lied in bed with me where she used to sleep the first night she was gone.  My husband, however, was not very tearful and he apologized for not crying.  I told him that his feelings were valid, and we've been kind of joking about that ever since.  But his feelings are valid just like my feelings of deep sadness are valid and even someone who feels nothing is valid.

An image of the author, Mariah, on the right with black rimmed glasses on.  She has brown hair and has her head tilted up while looking down to smile at the camera.  Leda, her brown short haired cat is in the top left corner, sniffing Mariah's face.

During your mindful making this week, I encourage you to say the affirmation "I am valid."  You'd be surprised how powerful these simple words can be when you say them out loud, but a quiet whisper is also valid (see what I did there).  Throughout the week, you can add to that phrase as you need to.  If we focus on our crafts, maybe tell yourself that the way you hold your needles is valid (if you're feeling judged by being a thrower and not a picker for example).  Maybe you can affirm your color choices of yarn for a particular pattern (I often second guess my choices and assume I made a wrong choice).  Whatever it may be, I hope you will find a new strength in yourself and be more confident with who you are.  And if we take that thought one step further to a place of empathy, you might find it easier to accept others for who they are as well.


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