In the foreground a Caucasian left hand is holding knitting needles with dark gray knitting fabric.  In the background there is a blue sky with green trees and grass.

Mindful Monday - Outside

Fall is here and in my opinion, it's the perfect season for my knitting.  It's also my favorite time to be outside. So this week, I encourage you to take your craft outside.

While I'm writing this I am sitting on a bench in a sculpture garden I found while waiting for my son to finish his music lesson.  The air is cool and active, justifying the comfy hoodie I put on this morning.  As the wind blows, I can hear the rustle of the leaves on the trees and nearby bushes.  There is also a steady stream of chirping that completes the symphony of background noises while my needles click.

Yes, I hear the occasional car  and voices as they make their way past, but there are also bells chiming in the distance and the faint sound of children laughing. 

A driftwood colored bench sits in the grass with a stone path to the right, green trees above and a building tucked behind some bushes.

These moments are very relaxing and recharging for me.  My knitting gives me focus so I can sit and allow my mind to be calm so my senses can take in every detail of this environment.  And no, you don't have to go on a quest to find the perfect spot outside so you can recreate my exact experience here.  Your experience is your own.  Just sit on your porch or in the yard, or maybe just by an open window.  Work on your craft and just be mindful of what's going on around you. 

Listen to the sounds.  As you work your craft, notice what you hear and focus on them.  Do you like what you hear?  If you don't, can you find other sounds to focus on?

Smell the air around you and think of words to describe it as you make; crisp, wet, earthy, clean, thick.  As you focus on your craft, say these words out loud.  

Does your project look different to you out in the natural light?  Are the colors brighter?  Are there colors coming through that you hadn't noticed before?  

And don't worry, I'm not going to ask you to lick some dirt. 

Going outside with our craft can give us such a wonderful opportunity to be mindful with nature as well as our making.  I hope you give it a try.  




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