Mindful Monday - Slow Down

Mindful Monday - Slow Down

 While the world is starting to open back up, I'm finding myself struggling with the desire to do all the things and a fear of losing the lowkey quiet life we've been living for the past year.  I know in a lot of ways this past year was hard, but I don't want to forget all of the good lessons we may have learned along the way about ourselves.  I don't want to lose the ability to slow down and I definitely don't want to go back to a life where I always felt like I was running on empty.  We were forced to slow down and I hope most people realize that this wasn't always a bad thing.  When we are able to slow our roll, it gives us an opportunity to really take in our surroundings and be more aware of how we feel in that space.  If we can find the things that make us feel good, well that's something to hold onto .        

During our mindful making this week, try thinking about the positive things we can bring with us from this past year.  I'm going to guess that for most of us who craft, we've been able to spend more quality time with our projects and that we are better for it.  I can definitely say that being forced to slow down has helped me to find out that my knitting makes me feel good.  It has brought me so much joy that I've been working on ways to teach others and I found out that I even like writing about it.  This journey for me won't be over just because this pandemic might be over soon, and I'm here to tell you that if there is something you have found that brings you joy, don't let it go because you think you have to go back to "normal".  Let's keep the joyful things in our life and remember the good that can be found when we slow down.       


  • Mariah Stanford

    Well said, Judy. We should learn and move forward, not hold onto a past that needed improving.

  • Judy Ipema

    I feel the same. Actually the term “returning to normal” depresses me. I hope we’ve learned that the previous state of our world wasn’t the best. Let’s strive for a new normal that encourages us to make mindfulness a priority.

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