Mindful Monday - Take a Break

Mindful Monday - Take a Break

A close up image of a red bud tree's flowers in a bright pink.  There is a pink line at the bottom of the flower picture, then a teal background below with the words "Take a Break".

When we are crafting, there is an opportunity to get in a headspace to be more mindful, to practice visualization about the project or even ourselves.  We can think about an affirmation or enter a more meditative state as we practice the repetitive motions of our favorite craft.  But what if none of that is "clicking"?  What if you're not getting any relaxation from your making or, maybe even worse, you're not in the mood to knit? 

This got me thinking about Mother's Day and how it's honored as the one day mom is allowed to say "I don't want to."  It's that one day we are allowed to take a break without feeling guilty.  But what if you need a break on some other day?

This Mindful Monday, I'm thinking about making it ok to take a break.  Whether it's from your craft or the dishes, you don't need a special day on the calendar to say it's ok.  I'm telling you it's ok to take a break, but you also have to tell yourself.  You see, that's the beauty about being mindful; you can practice it any time.  I recommend sitting quietly for a few minutes and just listen to the sounds around you.  Hopefully you will hear something relaxing like birds or the wind blowing, but it's ok if you only hear cars going by.  After a few minutes of listening, repeat after me; It's ok to take a break.

Mom's will always be moms and makers will always be makers; wanting a break doesn't change that and feeling any guilt about not being 100% all the time doesn't really help.      

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