Meet Holly

Yarn Geek owner and your unique hostess for serenity, creativity, and community. 

"It's my goal to inspire and teach people of all ages, genders, and ethnic backgrounds to use fiber arts as their own creative expression and combine it with technology, architecture, photography, and fine arts."

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Good feelings, every month

Your personalized sample box will have just enough to give you a feel for your next project. Enough samples to stitch a swatch and even a pattern to inspire you!

A better source

I support BIPOC makers and family-owned businesses. Meet some of the makers I partner with. See where your yarn comes from and the love they put into it.


Atlanta based small business specializing in Fiber Arts Journals, Yarn and Patterns. Owner Laverne Benton uses yarn and creativity to promote positive action and social change.

Urth Yarns

Family owned and operated yarn company specializing in hand dyed natural yarns made by women artisans. And, for every skein sold Urth plants a tree in Africa